writing externals

Johannes M ZMÖLNIG madman at sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Fri Apr 16 10:53:33 CEST 1999

Cheers, Miller !

What happened to functions of the following type in release 0.25test3
(for Win)
    class_addmethod(any_class, anyfunction, gensym("float"), 0);
my externals wouldn't work until I changed it to
    class_addfloat(any_class, anyfunction);

Did you do this on purpose ( to distinguish between floats and
"float"-symbols) ?

By the way : when I'm opening a patch with Audio already ON the
dsp-engine won't work until I switch Audio OFF and then ON again;
this is quite annoying if other patches are already running... I
experienced this on pd024 only and I never tried it on any 0.25 release,
so maybe you have already fixed it (or maybe this is part of an idea of
some kind of concept I haven't checked and not a bug so it will never be


jOhannes M

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