two questions

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Thu May 6 23:46:35 CEST 1999

Christian Feldbauer writes:
 > When I´m using float-constants as arguments for objects (or messages),
 > pd truncates them extremely !
 > So it´s not possible to make for example a filter (biquad~) with a
 > desired frequency response.
 > Don´t you think the length is too short ?

 Well, I think extremely is a little bit exagerated. As of my
 knowning, with floats we have a resolution of +/- 8 Million,
 which are 7 decimal digits in the mantissa. (Well not the full range 
 of 7 digits). Pd truncates numbers to six digits, although it could
 do 7 in most cases.  
 Corrections welcome if I'm wrong ...  
 > 2) missing "refer to another table"-function for table-objects
 > In my opinion it is very useful to can switch to another table (array)
 > (set -function or int (float) -function).
 > What´s the reason for taking away this functions (I´v seen the dead code
 > in d_array.c)?

 Hmm, well for tabwrite~, tabread~ there is a set function, at least
 in the newest version, others I don't know, prob. should be added
 there too ? 


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