pd-0.25TEST5linux.tar.gz table object

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at music.mcgill.ca
Fri May 14 16:28:14 CEST 1999

> This version features an improved table object (table has an inlet...
> Look for the example in "3.reference/table.pd".

	I get a:

	Segmentation fault (core dumped)
	pd_gui: pd process exited

	When I try to load "3.reference/table.pd" or use the new table object.

	RedHat 5.2, Kernel 2.1.130, es1370.c driver

>  Actually a "make" by itself should do for Linux. You'll get a library
>  ggext.pd_linux, which you just have to load with "-lib ggext".
>  And, .. everything there is experimental :)

	Hmm.. I couldn't get this to work.  When you say that a regular "make" will
compile them, you mean that if I take the 0.25TEST4 package, and do a
regular compile, the objects in the /src/ext will get compiled?  This seems
to be the case, as I get *.pd_linux files in that folder.

	I did not see a ggext.pd_linux though?  Which version of pd should have
this?  Should I move the file anywhere in particular, or will pd know where
to find it if I did an install with no modifications?

	Is it possible to load the sfread.pd_linux file as a library?  I tried
without success.


	Michael Lechasseur

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