compile of sfread.c

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at
Fri May 14 18:07:05 CEST 1999

	This is probably the most round about of getting this object compiled (for
Linux) and loaded, but this is the method I used, copied and modified from
the output of the pd compile.

cc -O2 -DPD -fPIC -I../../src -c sfread.c
ld -export_dynamic -shared -o sfread.pd_linux sfread.o -lc -lm
rm sfread.o

	Not sure where the best place to keep the compiled library would be?  For
now it's in the same directory as the patch I am running, which is where I
launch pd.

	I start pd with "-lib sfread" in my .pdrc file

	That worked for me, and should work for similar objects that people might
need to compile and use.  Let me know if I can improve this hack..  I wasn't
sure how to modify the makefile.linux to do all this for me..

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