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Sat May 22 01:19:11 CEST 1999

my spam again.
quick explain:
we re doing a radio show tomorrow nite in hamburg.
we only have a 56kbit dialup line from the studio. the radio will be
grabbed at another place and encoded into mp3, streamed to with icecast.
we will dial up from the studio, have a patch running in pd and
hopefully it works so that you can modify parameters from here
http://live.fm/f5k via norberts pdremote applet
... the only problem yet is the dynamic ip resulting from my lousy ppp
account, so we need to update the page everytime our connection drops,
which i expect to happen every now and then. all that between 23.00 and
00.00 tomorrow nite european time ...
join in when you happen to be bored. ;)


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Subject: propaganda.fm - v1
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seven hours of luvly musik dispatched thru radio/tcp 2morrow 'nite'
"Neither sound nor thoughts can travel through a vacuum."

rq | i22 | pix plis forward to mt. i can't find his adress.


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