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Karl W. MacMillan karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu
Tue Jun 1 03:12:10 CEST 1999

Just to make certain that everything is clear, VMWare is a virtual PC
and NOT an emulator.  It only runs on Intel therefore (I think that this
is what you were saying, but I thought I would clarify for those not
familiar with it).  It is most similar to OS2s ability to run Windows
binaries or SheepShaver (which is about to be released for linuxppc).  I
have used vmware successfully and it is impressive, but a little slow.  I
think as it nears release it will get faster, though.

As far as laptop prices go, the new G3s are not more than the PCs and they
are built much better on average.  If you want a laptop, Apple is the only
way to go !  I think the biggest disappointment is that you won't be able
to run the BeOS which works on all the PowerPC chips except the G3.


On Fri, 28 May 1999, 17.cV.478H wrote:

> chris, sorry, i was too wasted to answer your other mail yesserday .. ;)
> so, i think there's a pretty simple answer to you rsituation ..
> which is,
> if your budget allows for it, i d go and get a G3 schleppi, since
> you will be able to run both macos (also mac X server, and max and all the
> other nifty mac audio soft) as well as linuxppc, which i think should
> pretty much rock on a G3 and go for all the nifty linux nonsense soft
> (inclding pd and many free compilers) ;)
> just get yourself a HUGE hardrive
> with an intel thing, well, you get about the same power for half the price
> which of course also could eb worth considering ..
> and you could also run the beOS on it, but then, there's still not too
> much soft available, as i suppose (i m not too closely following it)
> and then, there's vmware, which looks like a pretty stable virtual pc
> software for linux.
> well, so far for what i ve got to throw in.
> happy pondering.
> jodel.so
>  |-|-|-|-|-|-|

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