PDing my MSPing

·. opt at web.fm
Tue Jun 1 15:02:55 CEST 1999

> Just to make certain that everything is clear, VMWare is a virtual PC
> and NOT an emulator.  It only runs on Intel therefore (I think that this
> is what you were saying, but I thought I would clarify for those not
> familiar with it).  It is most similar to OS2s ability to run Windows
> binaries or SheepShaver (which is about to be released for linuxppc).  I
> have used vmware successfully and it is impressive, but a little slow.  I
> think as it nears release it will get faster, though.

oh, yeah. there is only intel binaries for vmware. and yes, thats the "funny" thing,
that you can basically run any intel compatible OS in the vm. like linux within linux.
2 different distributions or something. unfortunately recursion stops at level 1. ;/
furthermore of course you wouldnt use it to do dsp.? ;]
and what would you want to use windoze for except testsurfing your latest pages for
IE4 compatibility. ;))
> As far as laptop prices go, the new G3s are not more than the PCs and they
> are built much better on average.  If you want a laptop, Apple is the only
> way to go !  I think the biggest disappointment is that you won't be able
> to run the BeOS which works on all the PowerPC chips except the G3.

no beos on g3 is a point.
but also, al the highend pc-laptops i think are pricewise much the same as any better g3, so ... hm.
also, i have little direct experience with linuxppc, but i assume its running pretty good from what i "see", so for
example pd running on it ..



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