writing .pd files

·. opt at web.fm
Tue Jun 1 15:09:41 CEST 1999

> I believe people have done this with Max patches, which should be a similar
> problem.  I think it just works.

haha. thats good.
anyhow, i didnt doubt that it worx @ all.
but thats one thing generally, one of pax/pd paradigm's most powerful aspects is the way you can "play" around pretty
chaotically and operate on the living patient but when it comes
to "seriality", i.e. duplicating a processing chain (voice) (an arbitrary number of times if cpu allows) etc it really
gets awkward
and i think this could be solved best by generating connnection files through text-processing .. mh.

> The "connect" messages take 4 arguments: the number of object to connect
> from, its outlet number, the number of the object to connect to, and its inlet
> number.  The rest of the format should be easy to reverse-engineer.

yop, i ll give it a go. need to tighten my perliality before anyways ..


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