more reports from eastend

17.hzV.tRL.478 opt at
Tue Jun 8 18:34:09 CEST 1999

|-< my externals are packed into a library now (just like GEM).
|-< You have to load them with the -lib switch, or do the thing with the
|-< ggext object. Actually, using the ggext object makes sense, because
|-< you have the dependency on the library directly written into the
|-< patch.

oh, i c. ;))
so it would also work with Gem that way?
thats cool, so you dont need to care wether you re starting pd with this
or that -lib ...

|-< :( hmm , don't know why .. sorry. Is this on a "real" ethernet or
|-< direct (no other hosts on the ethernet) ?

its on a 'real' net.
but when i testet it last time, it was on an isolated net, on which were
only two machines. it showed the same effect. only, i couldnt tell by then
it only appeared when streaming from the laptop, since i only had 1 pc and
the schleppi to test it. ;)
when it compiles on the other pc, i can probably remove all doubt in the
evil laptop's guilt. ;)

|-< Best thing would be a sfwrite. Then use it on a named pipe and read
|-< the pipe from any program you like.
|-< --> I put it on a TODO list for my xternals.


|-< > and a sub problem:
|-< > i wanted to test 'stream' from yet another pc now (old SuSe lnx) , but pd
|-< > didnt compile on it with:
|-< > 
|-< old libc5 problem. 
|-< remove the 
|-< "#ifdef" NT and it's corresponding "#endif" from the top of the file.

onk, i m trying. it just takes ages to compile on an already loaded P90 ..

ok, thanks so far.

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