more reports from eastend

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Tue Jun 8 19:22:13 CEST 1999

17.hzV.tRL.478 writes:
 > oh, i c. ;))
 > so it would also work with Gem that way?

 it does.

 > thats cool, so you dont need to care wether you re starting pd with this
 > or that -lib ...

 Yes, but that's only functional under Linux at the moment. (Which has 
 some notion of path handling for externals).
 For the other OS' you have to make sure that the library you want to
 load is in the current directory.

 > when it compiles on the other pc, i can probably remove all doubt in the
 > evil laptop's guilt. ;)

 let me know, under linux (and SGI?) I can tune networking a little 
 bit, so there may still be a solution for the problem.

 > |-< Best thing would be a sfwrite. Then use it on a named pipe and read
 > |-< the pipe from any program you like.
 > |-< --> I put it on a TODO list for my xternals.
 > jodel!

 don't jodel to early .. the TODO list is long ... :)


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