named pipes, stdout, pd and mp3

17.hzV.tRL.478 opt at
Wed Jun 9 02:50:57 CEST 1999

we got a hacked version of pd outputting to stdout as well as to dev/dsp
so redirected the pcm into 'encoder', the only mp3encoder aprt from
fraunhofer stuff, that reads stdin, and haad the encoder write on a
named pipe. but stil, we couldnt manage
to finally stream directly to the icecast server, because the streaming
utilites coming with icecast, cant really cope with the pipe stuff ..
but once that works out, it would be easy to encode from a named pipe
written into by an 'sfread'.
(and then start the encoder with an 'exec' obj on demand).

there also other problems:
-for example that the encoder isn tfast enough on a p233. ;)
(or: why isnt there a -speedratherthanquality option to the encoder(s))
-also, pd still depends on an existing /dev/dsp to ever output any signal,
and be it 'only' through streamout or sfwrite.?

i have still many jodels in the box, so i can easily afford one just to
cheers you up ;)
and of course, if its not longer than one mailscreen, its not a todolist


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