Gem on SGI

Michael Thompson mat0001 at
Sat Jun 12 01:26:41 CEST 1999



This is mainly for SGI...

Im trying to build an SGI n32 version (gcc/g++ I dont have access to the
SGI compilers anymore) of Gem and have run into a problem. Where can I
find and what is it used for. Seems that configure needs it
for some reason and gem wants me to link against it even if I tell it
no. Anybody know which source file contains the header file that needs
this library?

Can I use the windows Gem 0.80 source to build SGI gem?

BTW some of the files in the Gem source file are foobar and I had to
surf to find the source for some of the libraries...

error message is something like: is needed for proper
transitive linking...

as far as pd and n32. I can compile and run n32 (gcc/g++) versions of
pd. I will try to run a test to see if I can run an o32 version of
pd-gui with a n32 version of pd. The version Miller has does not seem to
work and I wonder if its a problem with the o32 vs n32 between the gui
and pd app. Why would this matter anyway, pd and pd-gui talk by
sockets.... right?

anyway, the gcc/g++ version of pd runs a bit faster than the o32
versions and the SGI compiler versions with full optimizations for R5000
should run even better.


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