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  Hopefully I can help with this...

> Im trying to build an SGI n32 version (gcc/g++ I dont have 
> access to the
> SGI compilers anymore) of Gem and have run into a problem. Where can I
> find and what is it used for. Seems that configure needs it
> for some reason and gem wants me to link against it even if I tell it
> no. Anybody know which source file contains the header file that needs
> this library?

  I believe that the library is for the video processing.  If you remove
pix_video*.* you should be okay.

> Can I use the windows Gem 0.80 source to build SGI gem?

  Yes, assuming that you have all of the libraries (they haven't changed
from 0.79).  I'm sorry to everyone that I haven't had time to compile
Gem 0.80 for the SGI yet.  However, it looks like I may be getting
physical access to an Octane soon at CNMAT, so I'll have to see.

> BTW some of the files in the Gem source file are foobar and I had to
> surf to find the source for some of the libraries...

  Can you tell me which ones are screwed up?  I want to make sure that
everything is okay.

Later, Mark

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