17.hzV.tRL.478 opt at web.fm
Wed Jun 16 13:04:23 CEST 1999

|-<i tried 0.25TEST8 (did i say i am using linux, redhat 6?). it didn't
|-<have a problem loading this patch, but it was unable to open the audio
|-<device at all:

ah, i think i had the sam eproblem when originally installing v 0.25 ...
let me think ...
ah of course, it seems that redhat keeps /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1 so you
need to make a link -s from dev/dsp to /dev/dsp0 in order for this to

|-<OSS: device Nr. 1 on /dev/dsp0
|-<OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp0 writeonly
|-<pd: OSS: requiring extra adc handles
|-<OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp0 writeonly

this from you rprev msg (refs to dev/dsp):

>> [spot at salvia src]$ pd -adc
>> Pd version 0.24 test
>> pd: opened /dev/dsp in read only mode
>> pd: advance 34, samplerate = 44100, channels = 2
>> pd: starting engine

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