Guenter Geiger geiger at
Fri Jun 18 19:24:16 CEST 1999

forum::f=FCr::uml=E4ute writes:
 > H=F6y !
 > Since I do not know, whether the list received my first attempt on w=
 > this, give me another chance ::
 > Being made interested by the group, I downloaded the ggext-0.5 and t=
ried to
 > make it run on Win95(that's what I use, and that's what I regret).
 > Guenter, did you test your external on Win-platforms already ?
 > Me, I got some more or less serious problems.

 > ADSR : me thinketh, that <unistd.h> and <sys/mman.h> are mere linux =
 > STREAMIN: somewhere in the streamin_perform() -function (reading 8bi=
 > STREAMOUT: the same as above, plus problems with incompatible pointe=
r types

 ok, will fold this in in the next snapshot, thank you.
 I once tried streamin, streamout, but then I think I changed too much

 > FOFSYNTH: this is what I definitely did not make work :: somewhere t=

 hmmm .. probably nobody can get this one to work ... it's still in a=20=

strange testing phase ... and not really working as a fof.


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