Sound Cards

Søren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at
Thu Jul 15 10:55:42 CEST 1999

Hi Karl

I have a live card but I am sorry to say, that it is not fully supported under Linux yet!
The driver is in a beta state (0.3b), and is not very stable. Version 0.3b was released a few days ago, and I have not tried it yet with PD. The other versions did not work (dacs died) and there was no MIDI support (yet).

Creative has a newsgroup on the subject: / creative.linux

There also seems to be problems with SMP but you can read on in the NG.

So.. I don't recommend the card (yet). But it might be a nice card when the drivers get better.. with full duplex and all.



>Anyone have experience with the soundblaster live cards under linux?  I am
>considering upgrading my pitiful Yamaha OPL3sa built-in sound card and was
>wondering about the creative cards under the newest versions of linux
>(RedHat/Mandrake 6 specifically).  Any experience with SMP would be great
>(I know that there were some issues at one time with the Live Card and
>SMP).  If you know of a suitable alternative that would be fine too.

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