pd virtual synthesizer tricks?

Guenter Geiger geiger at epy.co.at
Thu Jul 15 14:10:30 CEST 1999

est at hyperreal.org writes:
 > Greetings PD People,
 > I've got pd (0.25TEST7linux) happily running and talking to my MIDI
 > keyboard.  I put together an extremely primitive monophonic
 > synthesizer and it works!
 > I'd like to see more advanced examples along this line illustrating
 > polyphony, velocity-sensitivity, etc.
 > Does anyone have any?

I made some tests with an adsr object, which sent the incoming  
float message to it's right outlet, when the adsr was busy.

This way it is possible to make a polyphonic synth.
The drawback with pd is, that you have to instantiate a synth for
each voice.

You can take a look at a 3 voice sine synth at

(help_adsr.pd and adsr~.pd)

But there's no velocity routing yet (only pitch) 

The adsr~ EXTERNAL (in ggext) I wrote doesn't have this feature yet, 
but I will extend it to route a "pitch velocity" list through,
if the adsr is busy with another voice ....
then you could make a real polyphonic synth and play it with your 

Generally: (some thoughts for Miller)

It would be cool, if we could instantiate these voices dynamically,
probably using similar features as the "overlap" in the "block"
And, is it possible to turn off some dsp objects if they are not 
used ?


 > Thanks!
 > Eric

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