use of thousands of signal in-&out-lets

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Fri Jul 16 14:41:22 CEST 1999

forum::für::umläute writes:
 > Hi all !
 > I'm sorry to interfere your conference about soundcards; by the way, as
 > some of you might know, I'm using Win95 and pd definitely works
 > (SoundBlaster AWE32, TerraTEC EWS64).
 > I have one major problem and that is concerning writing externals (again
 > !)
 > Can I create an oject that has any (!) user-defined (via creation
 > arguments) number of signal in/out-lets ? Me thinketh of something like
 > the multichannel dac~/adc~ objects, but I have to access all ~inlets at
 > the same (!) time and not sequentially...

 This seems to be a matter of calling dsp_add with a sufficient number
 of arguments. I don't know how this could be done dynamically.

 > thanks in advance
 > hannes
 > P.S.: Did anyone get Günter's ggext-0.6 to run on Win-platforms already
 > ?

 Most of the new objects won't work under NT, as pd doesn't export the
 necessary symbols.
 You'd have to add a "EXPORT" to every missing symbol in g_canvas.h and 
 recompile pd in order to get it working.  -- and there may be some
 other quirks too. 
 Currently (at version 0.8) the code isn't really stable at all.
 But it's improving. 



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