Externs under WinNT 4.0

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Sun Jul 18 18:32:06 CEST 1999

Travis Newhouse discourseth:
> I was wondering if anyone knew how to correctly compile externs under
> WinNT 4.0.  I have been trying to use the makefile in the "6.externs"
> directory of PD 0.25,

that is well done and should be promoted

 but I keep getting an error when the linker
> tries to link with the file "pd.lib".
> here's the error message I get:
> \Audio\pd-0_25\pd\bin\pd.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or
> disk full: cannot seek to 0x372d28ca
> My disk is definitely not full., so i don't know what else it could
> be.
> i am using nmake, cl, and link that come with Visual C++ version 5.0
> the linker says version 5.00.7002

I thought that some times ago, Miller stated that Visual C++ v5.0 will
not work, instead you should use version6.0. So do I (although
struggling with Win95) and it works fine.

If that has something to do with your "full" disk, I cannot say: I
suppose that you checked the path "\Audio\pd-0_25..." and that it is


jOhannes M

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