Recompiling PD

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Mon Aug 23 20:59:11 CEST 1999

Miller Puckette writes:
 > > dont know about install, miller said something a while ago about that itwont install, i havent tried it. why would it not thoug?
 > I think "make install" doesn't work on Debian (minor compatibility problems)
 > but someone, I forgot who, has reported how you can change the makefile for
 > Debian.  I think that in RedHat you can just "make install" although I've
 > never done that, since I don't see any advantage to it...

 I had to add the installation stuff, because otherwise it wouldn't
 have been possible to include it into Debian (nor would it be
 possible to include it into any other distribution).

 The install -D is a makefile bug on Redhat too (AFAIK).

 Differences between distributions are primarily caused by libraries 
 used with pd (like tcl/tk and libc).

 Ah, and ... yes ... the advantage of the make install is simply, 
 that different users can work with the same pd binary and

 Most Linux users are used to the "make install" step, so I think we
 should include Miha's patch. (and the empty obj directory )


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