Gem-0.79 for linux new release

Mark Danks mdanks at
Thu Aug 26 18:49:05 CEST 1999

  In my version of the code, the s_windowClock is only compiled in
Windows, not in unix.  Does this mean that you added mouse handling?

  If so, if you send me the event handling code, I'll integrate it into
the source code.

Later, Mark

= mdanks at

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From: Guenter Geiger [mailto:geiger at]
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Subject: Gem-0.79 for linux new release

Hi there !

I have cleaned up the configure stuff a bit, and added a few sentences
to the

Those people who have some experience with compiling Gem might try

!!  As a special addon I have fixed the bug when destroying the 
gem window (this was *really* annoying) !!!

For Mark rather: The crash was due to the mouse handling for X.
the s_windowClock has to be unset, when destroying the window in

Get it from:

(I'm forced to reduced the traffic caused by software downloads, so in 
the future I have to put the sources to the IEM again)


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