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Mon Aug 30 23:20:12 CEST 1999

pure data people...

quick question for all the pd fanatics.  been reading all the posts (hence the purpose of subscribing to the list..) and i've got a question regarding this program.  finally got my G3 (makes a very nice doorstop for the time being...) and i'm more or less interested in mangling sound via dsp.  max/msp and supercollider seem to be kick ass programs, but i'm wondering what functions pd can perform that other software doesn't / can't.  i'm guessing that a lot of people on this list either write or mod computer code and find the 'rawness' of pd appealing.  very curious since i'm not planning on running linux on my G3, but...

there's always the possibiltiy.

just trying to find inexpensive ways to write my own dsp software / objects along with some music noodling without putting myself in more poverty. (college costs just gave me a swift kick in the ass...)  i'm mediocre at C, so please take that into consideration.

sorry to those of you who find this message completely useless.  i will contribute in one way or another at some point in time.

oh yeah, how many people are 'composing' without the use of any MIDI interface? (i.e. mouse clicking instead of using a keyboard / synth / sampler...)  thinking about ditching my asr-10 for financial reasons. (although i love the machine)




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