pd 0.27 Irix and realtime priority

Michael A. Thompson mat0001 at jove.acs.unt.edu
Sun Oct 3 10:47:04 CEST 1999


I have been messing with realtime priority settings under Irix. I have
it working and the improvement is very good (I am using a very high
setting and it has not brought down my machine yet). the fft patches run
better. Convobros.pd runs (about %72 of the CPU) without breaking up
even when you interact with the pd gui, although the gui slows down(like
MSP on a 120mhz PPC under a heavy load). Im even using the egcs
compilers not the SGI native.... Native -- I will do that this week. :-)
. you can open imbedded patches without the audio breaking up and move
the mouse around in windows without audio breaking up. Also, graphic
array updates dont break up the audio either (depends on what you are
doing but maybe only 1 click every 10 to 20 secs vs the old way of
continuous audio interruptions) At any rate, I only have the code in
place for 6.4 and up I think.


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