alex alexx at senet.com.au
Wed Oct 6 04:30:12 CEST 1999

>> i guess <remove> and <previous> are not implemented for lists..
>> is there plan to implement these ?
>setsize (lets you resize a list)
>element (lets you directly access a specific element)

that is for arrays though
i mean as methods for [pointer] ..

from 0.intro.txt :
'you can only get the "next" element or "append" to the list.'

prev and remove would be nice ..

>> also, would it be outside scope of pd to have signal arrays
>>  in templates/lists vs having to copy that to an array ?
>> ie would mean dynamically created arrays, which would be uzeful
>>  for much. ex non-destructive editing, multiple sample instruments etc..
>you can as dynamically update your signal arrays as well as your
>lists ...

hmm... can dynamically update signal arrays but dynamically creat ?

as in, when you define template with   [field <name> array <template>]   in
 each append creates a new   [array <template>]

if they were signal arrays, maybe could just define   [field <name> array]
(type float assumed).. then this array could be resized etc like normal
arrays, but also used as target for (tabread4~ tabwrite~ tabreceive~

i guess this requires tab*~ being able to use pointer as target.
or use [set $1] being able to resolve pointer into name for use in tab*~

maybe another problem is blocksize and overlap ..
maybe these could be defined as the block attributes in
the window where the template is instantiated .. (ex   [pd data] in

hmm.. =)


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