"toys" Pd library released

shunichiro okada shun at ar.ms
Sat Oct 9 23:20:08 CEST 1999

"11.Itz_rRxbW.507.34 " <opt at web.fm> wrote:
> /home/cxc/pd/toys/expr.pd_linux: /home/cxc/pd/toys/expr.pd_linux:
> undefined symbol: __bzero
> expr: can't load library

haven't really fiddled with anything here yet, but
as far as loading the thing i get the same error.

/home/shun/pd/toys/expr.pd_linux: /home/shun/pd/toys/expr.pd_linux: \
undefined symbol: __bzero
/home/shun/pd/toys/expr: can't load library


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