conjugal symbols

Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU
Sun Oct 10 08:52:56 CEST 1999

dear pd

did I say one more question?

i'm stuck trying to join two symbols together eg. "23" + "phrase1" =

have been using 'makefilename' and this is great when one of the symbols is
known ie. can be hand-typed into the patch. However, the two 'symbols'
(actually one number and a symbol) - are both arguments to an abstraction -
and can't be directly typed into the makefilename object within it. 

I've been spending hours on this - getting these arguments to join seems as
difficult as breeding shy pandas! Is there any way known to bring my poor
arguments together? 

desperately, iain

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