sub question

christian hresko godpup at
Tue Oct 26 05:45:11 CEST 1999

have a friend who wants to sub to the list.  since i'm an absent minded
goof, where does he send the 'subscribe' message?

on a completed unrelated note, i'm having a blast with supercollider.
is it just me, or does this program kick ass. (yeah yeah, i know it's
not open source code, but it's wicked nonetheless)

decided to go with c++ at this point because i WILL need a job after i
graduate, and c++ still seems to be the language of choice.  i'm taking
a class on object oriented programming as well, so hopefully i can
'glide' my way into java.

oswald, great performance from canada.  i'm guessing that was all done
with pd?

errr... maybe someday pd will be ported to the mac platform. (has anyone
tried running pd under virtual PC?)




nothing still,

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