Gem 0.81 under redhat, and questions

christian hresko godpup at
Sun Oct 31 08:38:22 CET 1999

Miller Puckette wrote:

> Hi droogs
> to put 2 gfx cards in my machine and dedicate one of them as the output
> gemwind so that I can have both my login window and a signal to project at
> the same time.  Anyone have similar ideas?
> cheers
> Miller

hmmm... i had a similar idea, but then realized i've never run PD since i'm
using a macintosh.  however, as far as ideas go, i'd personally like to rule
the world simply by creating a 'world domination' object which uses my mouse
as a gui. (x limit; y limit;)  or maybe some sorta granular 'world synthesis'
object.  i'm kinda debating between the two at the moment.  oh yeah, if
you're using a TV card on your computer, the conversion from 30 kHz to 60 kHz
(depending on your monitor) will accentuate the interlacing scheme used by
NTSC.  this will of course be 'fixed' as soon as HDTV is made affordable to
the everyday 'joe,' but this won't be happening until another four years or

c plus plus

variable ratio conversion,

" there's nothing worse in life than being ordinary "

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