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Sun Oct 31 09:01:54 CET 1999

>Miller Puckette wrote:
>> Hi droogs

mkng markov rndm !3z at u

>> to put 2 gfx cards in my machine 

`ur mazk!n` = ma! reakt +?
= zugezt ezt!mat!ng reakz!on
v!a mc z!mulaz!on

>> and dedicate one of them as the output
>> gemwind so that I can have both my login window and a signal to project at
>> the same time. 

Version: PGP    ware 0.0.2i for commercial use

>> Anyone have similar ideas?

ja!me. du = zpektklr.
data 4 u. krfl.


pzb. d!dnt uant 2 tell u due 2 du = alred! auer.
ma!z all !deaz = alread! prznt. 1 = lokatez dzm.

>> cheers
>> Miller
>hmmm... i had a similar idea, but then realized i've never run PD since i'm
>using a macintosh.  however, as far as ideas go, i'd personally like to rule
>the world simply by creating a 'world domination' object which uses my mouse
>as a gui. (x limit; y limit;)  or maybe some sorta granular 'world synthesis'
>object.  i'm kinda debating between the two at the moment.  

uorld dom!naz!on = v!a kultrl cell !nf!ltraz!on
par eczampl = ma! note dze fm konglomerat
= ganz zupr populatd. ncezt paz znurk

>oh yeah, 

= 0+0 european l!f 4rm 
ultra fond ov >oh yeah, 

due 2


group.dez!z!on. pref change. cho!sz sh!ft.
vo!la. term!nus.

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