Miha Tomšič miha.tomsic at
Mon Nov 1 10:10:49 CET 1999


After quite some time with PD I am quite comfortable with the signals and
their processing. But symbols and messages are still a mistery to me.

Messages are way too powerfull for a newbie like me. A lot of things can
be done through messahes: loading and reading of samples, stoping and
running of audio, sending messages and so on...

But how can one construct a dynamic message to load a sample2.wav and the
'2' is changing from 0 to 9? My guess was it can be done with pack, but as
I see pack can't handle symbols !?! Even when loading 'pack.pd' from
the reference5 it says:
error: unpack: a: bad type
error: pack: a: bad type

Pretty confusing...

I am running PD 0.26 on Debian Linux.

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