christian hresko godpup at
Wed Nov 3 06:44:52 CET 1999

once again after browsing the list, i've got another question to ask.
am i missing something in regards to windows / intel based machines?  it
seems that pd is very powerful, but purposely aimed at 'low end' sound
cards and processors. (err.. no mac apps)  i can understand the linux
application since linux is free (unless you don't feel like downloading
it) and open source code.  i figure i'd have an easier time saving the
cash needed to buy a semi-decent windows machine as opposed to modifying
the code to run on my G3. (i'm guessing this hasn't been done for a

i'm not overly familiar with unix / linux (just the basics), so i'm
guessing this would be a slight obstacle as well.

and yes, sometimes i wonder what i'm doing on this list as well.


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