Rene Beekman rbeekman at
Wed Nov 3 22:36:22 CET 1999

>once again after browsing the list, i've got another question to ask.
>am i missing something in regards to windows / intel based machines?  it
>seems that pd is very powerful, but purposely aimed at 'low end' sound
>cards and processors. (err.. no mac apps)  i can understand the linux
>application since linux is free (unless you don't feel like downloading
>it) and open source code.  i figure i'd have an easier time saving the
>cash needed to buy a semi-decent windows machine as opposed to modifying
>the code to run on my G3. (i'm guessing this hasn't been done for a
>i'm not overly familiar with unix / linux (just the basics), so i'm
>guessing this would be a slight obstacle as well.
>and yes, sometimes i wonder what i'm doing on this list as well.
>: dither corrects quantization errors
>" there's nothing worse in life than being ordinary "

has anyone tried to run Pd under one of the PPC flavors of Linux?
which flavor, what hardware and how easy it to get it run?
that would at least save me from having to have another beige box around...


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