integer at integer at
Thu Nov 4 19:19:27 CET 1999

be!j zucz


>Anyone have any idea about what it would take to get pd (and Gem too) to run 
>under Be?

1 unreal m9nd os
port!ng data = kom!kl okupaz!on
rezembl!ng akt!v!t!ez ov ~all
c!t!znz !n z!v!l!eszd veztrn zoz!et!

Kinda makes me 
wonder how the machine [evr!dz!ng u!ch = opertz akord!ng
2 dze unkauzl lauz ov f!z!cz = 1 mazk!n]
= would perform under a real operating system 
like ozkulo.zol!z!tronz

try it once...
|I'll try anything once, except incest and folk dancing. . .  Sir Thomas 

... and report...

.....                            ....
     ......   Michal Seta  ......
.....   mo! auss!                          ....

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