ALSA version of pd

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Mon Nov 8 20:14:20 CET 1999

Miller Puckette writes:
 > Yes...  I'm trying to get Pd to work with Alsa for the upcoming release.
 > There's one difficulty I'm having: if you compile Pd with Alsa, it won't
 > run on machines that doesn't have Alsa installed, because it will need
 > the shared library!  Does anyone know how one can distribute programs
 > that can select Alsa at run time but can still start up when there's no Alsa
 > library???
 > thanks
 > Miller
 > > 

 It should be possible to link alsa statically, ...
 the other solution would be to provide an alsa stub, which is
 probably a little bit more work 

 Linking one part statically and the other parts dynamically is a 
 little bit of linker flags hassle.
 But no guaranties ..


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