Windows issues

Richard Dobson rwd at
Fri Nov 12 01:11:43 CET 1999

Following my introductory post, I am making some progress, and have got
as far as building pd.dll under VC++ v.5, and the externs leftshift,
rightshift and pique. I hope to have access to an ftp server at Bath
university soon, so that I can make these available (with VC++ project
files) for anyone interested.

I have already encountered the problem that external dlls such as those
mentioned are required to be in the 'current directory', which is hardly
ideal as there can be many of these, for different projects, as
demonstrated by the examples supplied. Such as dll is effectively a
'plugin', and  should really be kept in a single folder for the purpose
(could even be /pd/bin). This can be accessed via the ineluctable
environment variable, or under Windows, idiomatically, via the registry.

Would it be a 'big issue' to change this system to support such a single

(after all, if an environment var is not detected, the program can still
default to searching the working directory).

Richard Dobson

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