OSS: drop ADC buf

Karl W. MacMillan karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu
Mon Nov 15 01:22:55 CET 1999

I have had the same problem finding other programs that do full duplex
audio in linux - especially for Alsa.  Right now for me, full duplex OSS
free crashes my computer pretty hard (this is a known problem with OSS and
multiprocessor kernels), reading from my sound card under Alsa seems
completely broken for all programs, and the Alsa oss emulation is not full
duplex!  I think that linux is the best choice for this kind of thing in
the long run - I can currently get perfect playback with the smallest
buffer setting in PD and the sound card driver which is less than 10ms
total I think - but the sound card support has got to get better. Speaking
of which, I would really like to hear some reports on the RME card.


On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Miller Puckette wrote:

> The funny thing about Bill's predicament is that I don't know of
> any test program in Linux that exercises simultaneous audio input
> and output -- if Pd fails, I don't know how to set about deciding whether
> it's a problem with Pd or with OSS (or Alsa or whatnot.)  I'm using 
> Pd0.28TEST6 right now and enjoying full duplex, for what that's worth...
> (available for Linux only so far, from www.crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/Software)
> cheers
> Miller
> On Sun, Nov 14, 1999 at 05:03:15PM -0700, Bill Sack wrote:
> > Sometime back around pd-0.23 or so, i had more-or-less duplex operation 
> > happening - that is, i was able to use bonk~ and run some other patches 
> > requiring both audio input and output. This was on a Dell PII 350 
> > w/ RH 5.0 and commercial OSS drivers. At some point, Very Bad Things 
> > happened to the filesystem on that machine - so i installed RH 6.0, 
> > the current OSS package and pd-0.26. Now, audio output works fine, 
> > but if i start pd without the -noadc flag the following appears:
> > 
> > OSS: device Nr. 1 on /dev/dsp
> > pd: OSS: requiring extra adc handles
> > pd: OSS: requiring extra adc handles
> > OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp2 read only
> > 
> ...
> > _________
> > Bill Sack
> > bsack at toast.net
> > wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu

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