ALSA - OSS emulation and full duplex

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Mon Nov 15 12:45:37 CET 1999

Just found out that ALSA OSS emulation works in full duplex !

The problems has been , that the OSS emulation code just lies
about it's ability to do full duplex when queried.

I removed the line in s_linux, started pd with the old interface
(command line: pd -frags 4), and pd is running happily in full duplex
on my Hoontech Soundtrack 4Dwave.


PS: Miller, if you want to fix that it's the test for DSP_CAP_DUPLEX
 in oss_open_audio , maybe we should just try to open it in full 
 duplex and look if it fails instead of using the DSP_CAP_DUPLEX
 flag -- 

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