-path vs. -open

umläute zmoelnig at iem.mhsg.ac.at
Mon Nov 15 13:27:34 CET 1999

Since pd-0.27 I found it impossible to use the "-open" start-up argument
on Win95.
When using p.e. "pd -open hallo", pd is looking for "hallo.dll" which
cannot be found (that's because I want to open "hallo.pd"; 
trying "pd -open hallo.pd", pd looked for "hallo.pd.dll", which makes me
laugh on one hand and cry on the other.

I thought of it only as a Win32 problem, so I tried it on debian,
getting "hallo : can't load library" vs. "hallo.pd : can't load library"

Am I missing something really important ?


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