-path vs. -open

Richard Dobson rwd at cableinet.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 20:04:32 CET 1999

Well, one doesn't really 'open' a library...and do we really need
synonyms for arguments?

anyway, there is an issue under Windows which I have been fiddling with
- file-association based launching, i.e. double-clicking a pd file to
launch it in PD. the default Windows mechanism is to send a program the
command "open" as a command-line argument, together with the selected
filename. This can of course be customized (as can dragging a file to
the icon), so that, for example,  I have set my system up so that in
addition to opening the requested file, it loads the GEM library too
using the -lib argument. Windows requires at leat one command to be sent
- you can't just delete "open" and send nothing. So even if "open" is a
dummy which does nothing, it still needs to be there.

I was planning to write up a small FAQ about this sort of thing - but of
course the usage for the "open" argument needs to be resolved first! 

Having to enter command-line arguments within the Windows file
association mechanism is not the idiomatic way of doing things anyway;
every time you want to load different libraries you have to rewrite the
command-line for the association. An environment variable or registry
entry for a 'LIB' directory would be much more flexible, as I have
suggested previously.

Richard Dobson

Guenter Geiger wrote:
> forum::=?iso-8859-1?Q?f=FCr?=::=?iso-8859-1?Q?uml=E4ute?= writes:
>  > Since pd-0.27 I found it impossible to use the "-open" start-up argument
>  > on Win95.
>  > When using p.e. "pd -open hallo", pd is looking for "hallo.dll" which
>  > cannot be found (that's because I want to open "hallo.pd";
>  > trying "pd -open hallo.pd", pd looked for "hallo.pd.dll", which makes me
>  > laugh on one hand and cry on the other.
>  >
>  > I thought of it only as a Win32 problem, so I tried it on debian,
>  > getting "hallo : can't load library" vs. "hallo.pd : can't load library"
>  >
>  > Am I missing something really important ?
>  >
> pd something.pd
> "opens" something.pd ......
> "-open is a synonym for -lib" .... this is not documented correctly.
> Guenter
>  > mfg.bws.aeg
>  > hannes
>  >

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