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Richard Dobson rwd at
Thu Nov 18 15:48:45 CET 1999

This is exactly my setup under Windows2000.

pd is installed at f:\pd, so that the exectuables and dlls are at

I have added this to my path in AUTOEXEC.BAT (root of drive C), so that
a typical path might read:


Note that if you just type something like "path=f:\pd\bin" at the
console prompt you have overwritten the existing path for that console
session, so other important things might be lost.

The importance of doing this is that in searching for dlls for an
application, Windows searches the Windows system directories, and the
working directory; as a last resort it searches on all the paths given
in PATH. It also means, of course, that you can run pd from any

If you want to set the path by hand each session, without losing current
settings, you need to use the command

This appends F:\PD\BIN to the existing path list.

Gem is in a folder of f:\pd, so that the pd command -lib f:\pd\gem\gem
gets it running.

Richard Dobson

eric feremans wrote:
> >
> >I tried on several computers with windows 98  windows nt4 windows 2000 to
> >run gem.
> >In vain. I must say that I get pd running on all of them.
> >while typing f:pd\bin\pd -lib f:/pd/gem/Gem
> >I just go back to the cursor.
> >Some people are talking about "puting pd or gem/Gem 'to the path'".
> >I do not know how to do that and where to do it.
> >I put in win98 something like path=f:\pd but it didn't help me a bit...
> >could you please help me?
> >eric Feremans
> >
> >
> >
> >

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