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umläute zmoelnig at iem.mhsg.ac.at
Fri Nov 19 13:08:15 CET 1999

"F.Ernst" wrote:
> Hello,


> What happen when using at the same time externals that have the same
> opcodes ?
> For instance, streamin~ /streamout~ are both in ggext and zexy
> Or tabread4~ from zexy is already in pd ..

The library that was loaded first has higher priority, so if you FIRST
load "ggext" and THEN "zexy" the streamin~/-out~ from zexy will be
ignored (this makes hardly any difference, because I used Günters code
and added some features for interpolating missed data packages away
which is still *very* beta);

the same goes for built-in functions (which are, of course, always
loaded previous to any external);
therefore the "tabread4~" from zexy would be completely obsolete:::
:::on the other hand, "tabread4~" is not included in zexy, but
"tabread4", note the missing tilde that indicates that this is a
message-object and not a signal-object (e.g. it eats floats as input,
which makes it different from the "tabread" object, that will only
swallow integer values (although you might not be aware of it), and
interpolates to get the missing outputs, just like the "tabread4~" does)


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