0.28 release for linux, nt (not yet for irix)

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.UCSD.Edu
Sat Nov 20 01:50:51 CET 1999

Hi all,

Pd 0.28 is ready for download from http://www.crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.html
or by FTP from felix.ucsd.edu.  Sorry, the IRIX version isn't ready yet
(I haven't tracked down the N32 delay line bug and there's a mistake
in the audiobuffer setting).

I have found in the last week that MIDI doesn't work on any of the linux
machines I've tried Pd on.  MIDI output (at least) works on one Pc with
a SBlive; I haven't got MIDI input working anywhere in linux.  If any of
you who have MIDI running on your linux boxes would test Pd/s MIDI I/O I'd
be grateful...

ALSA support isn't compiled into Pd (I can't get ALSA to run on my home
machine either.)  You can uncomment the ALSA line in the Makefile and recompile
if you want to try Pd with ALSA.

The main new features are:

text editing inside the box (you no longer have to make a separate "text
editor" window)

audio clip and data-late detection.


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