ALSA - OSS emulation and full duplex

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Sun Nov 21 14:01:16 CET 1999

marco trevisani writes:
 > > I removed the line in s_linux, started pd with the old interface
 > > (command line: pd -frags 4), and pd is running happily in full duplex
 > > on my Hoontech Soundtrack 4Dwave.
 > Hi Gunter,
 > question, i must order two new cards for computers in my in Department and i
 > wonder what to do: is Hoontech Soundtrack 4Dwave (i'm looking for a good price
 > card because if it works fine i'll buy for my machine too....-)
 > are you using it analog or digital or both?


I'm currently using the card in analog mode only, (have to figure out
first how the SPDIF can be used. (I remember there being some messages 
on the ALSA list).

I do have one problem though, which is hard for me to track down.
After an hourof usage  or so I get PCM errors, which don't come from buffer
underruns. Allesandro Fogar, who is evaluating the card too, didn't
have those problems. So it might be a problem with my setup.

Otherwise, S/N ratio is good for in and out.
Real full duplex. (at least 44.1, haven't tried 48, but AFAIK
48 kHz works as well)
Actually for the price of the card it's fantastic.

I don't know if the card can be used in 4 channel mode and how.

Currently the other way to go, is to hope that SBLive drivers will
be working soon.


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