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Mon Nov 22 18:44:01 CET 1999

well, just to take up this blurb again...

wouldnt it make a lot of sense to have a mechanism for naming certain
objects, i.e. "send", "receive", "state",... either with a $1 as argument
or an inlet. i am thinking of "real" instantiation of sub-patches...

or is something like that around anyway and i just overlooked it...

thats just what came to my mind while doing subpatches, lately...


At 17:44 Uhr +0200 08.10.1999, 36.zZw_zRtW.910.32  wrote:
>> ah, jo, that¥s what I wanted to ask sometime ago too...
>> the thing with the $1 works fine, if you don¥t mind to imagine thousands of
>> jodeltable-names.
>> Wini mentioned that he¥s heard of $0 returning a unique ID but none of
>>us could
>> get this to work so I think it was just very awful fama.
>> Since (I guess that) each window actually does have a unique-ID, why not
>>make it
>> available to the public (via $0 (?)); this would make "generation" of
>> much more easy
>> (and, by the way, the number of myjodeltable, yourjodeltable,
>>hisjodeltable, ...
>> is definitely not infinite !)
>anyhow, if you dont refer to tables by name but by connection its all not
>but the same problem applies to templates.
>well ..
>there's an object in max (so ive heard) which does subpatch-generation by
>replacing a set of given varibale names with generated others.?
>its still, how can you change a recieve's name after you ve opened a
>generated patch ... does it eat a 'set ..'?



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