Multiple definitions - templates & lists

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Mon Nov 22 22:10:15 CET 1999

ah, templates und listz. my heart is beating faster. ;)

GG->Mhmm, I have created two objects "sendlocal" and "receivelocal" in 
GG->ggext, which only are valid within the subpatch.
GG->First I thought it´s nicer to do it that way, adding the same feature
GG->to state isn't a problem, and, actually it's necessary, because the
GG->state is valid in the suppatch only, anyhow.
GG->Then there are arrays ... we could have arraylocal too, .....

well, with templates you can help yourself defining the toplevel template
outside of the subpatches and handling the arrays in the subpatches as
listitems in the toplevel template. so its easy to dynamically shrink +
xpand your array collection. still it involves a lot of pointer and
'until' messing in the subpatches ..

what would be good in that whole context was a 'clone' object, operating
on the ascii data of a .pd template file, on bang it creates a new file
with any specially marked placeholders (fpr msg
names,arrays,tables,delays,sends + ~busses etc) replaced by unique strings
and returning the new filename for a pd open message.

still, there could be trouble in getting back out any of those unique
names if you need it in a separte patcher, maybe a catch~ somewhere else
(does it eat a 'set' command?)

but anyhow , thats all closely tied to that 'model' of having some global
parts of a patch(like final audio output(dac,file,network)) and clouds
(i.e. nonfixed number of) modularized and cloneable subunits
(instruments,efkt.modules,etc) which appear and disappear in accordance to
externl influences mapped onto them, as in a pd.based 'sound outerface'
living in a networked, multi'user'(human+machine) and very dynamically
changing environment, ..

GG->a better solution might really be the "$0" feature, jmax has it AFAIK.

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