problem with new text edit feature

Iain.Mott at CMIS.CSIRO.AU Iain.Mott at CMIS.CSIRO.AU
Wed Nov 24 01:08:36 CET 1999


i don't think this problem occurred in pd0.27:

with 0.28 on NT, the following sequence of events causes the contents of a
sub patch to be dumped - in the same way as if the name of the sub-patch has
been changed.

in 0.28 on NT in edit mode, if a sub-patch is first selected with the mouse
and then the user goes on to control click on another subpatch or
abstraction to edit it, once editing has finished and the user clicks
anywhere in the window -> hey presto, no more subpatch (or at least the
contents are gone).

The problem seems related to the new text edit feature and because the
highlighting of the 1st sub-patch is maintained when the 2nd is controlled
clicked. It would be great to safeguard against this. 

cheers, iain

Iain Mott

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