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Karl W. MacMillan karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu
Thu Dec 9 15:58:02 CET 1999


Well, I just looked into this and ended up buying an IBM Thinkpad (with
the NeoMagic MagicMedia video/sound card chipset that is supposed to be
well supported under linux now).  I chose this over a powerbook because of
	* Price - this machine cost $800 less than the 333 G3 powerbook
	  and is comparable
	* Two mouse buttons for X!
	* PD and Jmax are well tested on intel 

I understand people have tried both PD and Jmax under mklinux and linuxPPC
with some success, but there are definitely issues.  LinuxPPC has a much
better chance of working well - it is an official port of the linux kernel
and is supported in the main tree, it is a monolithic kernel which seems
to offer lower latency, and it has the most developers.  Apple pulled the
plug on mklinux to do their MacOS X (which is BSD) - mklinux is still
being worked on, but it is the only actively developed Mach version of
linux (I think).  Many people seem to think that the microkernel design
will always mean higher latencies ( I mean OS latencies not just sound ) -
though this is what the NeXt was and I am not knowledgeable enough to
really evaluate this. Maybe not exactly what you wanted, but I hope it


On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Claude Le Berre wrote:

> I plan to buy a laptop to make electronic music.
> I wanted to buy a G3 laptop and install linux on it (LinuxPPC).
> Is there anyone that has still make pd run under maclinux and is there
> any problems?
> And generally, what is the best choice to make music with laptop
> (powerPC or Pentium?)
> and for the powerpc (mklinux or linuxPPC)?
> Thank you for your answers.

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