PD example files - realtime input processing ?

William VanLoo wdvanloo at sigma6.com
Thu Dec 9 17:51:16 CET 1999

I'm a new PD user, and I'm interesting in using PD for doing realtime
audio processing. I'm running PD on Win95 (admittedly not the best
platform, but it's what I have for the moment at least).

I've run through some of the example .pd files that are included with
the Windows distribution, and while I've been having fun (the ring mod
is especially cool), I haven't found any examples dealing with realtime
audio input. I haven't gotten my head around PD's programming
environment yet, so I'm going to be just playing with others' work for
the moment. Any suggestions on examples to try?


AppNet MidWest Interactive [formerly Sigma6] /  http://www.appnet.com

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