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Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Thu Dec 9 18:26:04 CET 1999

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Claude Le Berre wrote:

|I plan to buy a laptop to make electronic music.
|I wanted to buy a G3 laptop and install linux on it (LinuxPPC).

Why laptop?
My understanding is that any laptop ruins slower than an equivalent
desktop.  I might be wrong but I have noticed that myself and some people
have mentioned it.  Generally it seems that the HD access is slower and on
top of that I've heard reports of audio being much noisier (picking up
interference from the HD).

|Is there anyone that has still make pd run under maclinux and is there
|any problems?

I'm about to get a larger HD for my mac so I will be going back to
LinuxPPC.  Haven't used pd in ages but looks like it's improving.  Will be
reporting next year.

|And generally, what is the best choice to make music with laptop
|(powerPC or Pentium?)

I've used IBM Thinkpad i1440 (MMX 266). Other than good looks it appears
crappy.  Sound card (Yamaha OPL3-SAx) is quite noisy) and the WinModem
that comes with it is not supported under linux (unless that has changed
already).  Under Windoze it's slower than a 200MHz desktop, behaved quite
well under linux (except that modem thing) but you can't get a screen
resolution higher than 800x600 which is a pain when you load a large pd
patch (or do any other thing that works better on a bigger screen).  In
linux it perfroms better than in Windoz (I could run a fairly complex
Csound orchestra in realtime).

I would probably get a PPC and wait for OSX.  Rumors say that that PPCs
generally outperform Pentiums. 

|and for the powerpc (mklinux or linuxPPC)?

for now LinuxPPC.  Then upgrade to OSX when it becomes available.

|Thank you for your answers.

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