trouble loading ggext

Bill Sack wsack at
Mon Dec 13 00:00:11 CET 1999

hi list
i built and installed pd-028, and now cannot load ggext:

[bsack at t0ast pd]$ pd -frags 4 -verbose -lib ggext
fragment count specified; using old-fashioned audio I/O
Pd version 0.28
, compiled 14:13:08 Dec 11 1999
<. . . etc. . . .>
tried /home/bsack/pd/ggext.pd_linux and succeeded
/home/bsack/pd/ggext.pd_linux: /home/bsack/pd/ggext.pd_linux: undefined symbol
: class_doaddbang
ggext: can't load library

it worked on an earlier version, so i'm pretty sure that ggext.pd_linux
was built correctly. I've recompiled it, too, but that did not help.
Anyone have an idea?


Bill Sack
bsack at
wsack at
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